How to Sterilize Contact Lens Cases: Don’t Be A Victim of Nonsterile Contact Lens Cases

Contact lens cases are one of the most important things you need to take care of when you’re wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses keep the natural moisture out and when they dry out, they could start to go bad. To not only keep your contact lenses safe and secure, but also to keep your eyes healthy.

The best way to take care of your contact lenses is to sterilize them. Whether you have a hard case or a soft case, sterilizing your contact cases is a good way to keep them clean and crisp. The process of sterilizing contact lens cases is simple and easy, and you don’t need expensive tools. This article will look at how you can sterilize your contact lens cases at home.

How Often Should You Be Sterilizing Your Contact Lens Cases?

Sterilizing your contact case is something you should be doing regularly. But they can also quickly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria can then lead to complications, like the growth of mold or even the development of an eye infection.

How to sterilize contact lens cases?
Remember if you take care of your contact lens, your contact lens will take care of you.

The best way to prevent these problems is by sterilizing your contact lens case on a regular basis.  So, you should also be cleaning your lens case often, at least every other day or so. How often you clean your lens case is a lot like how often you wash your face.

5 Easy Steps to Sterilize Your Contact Lens Cases

When you wear contacts, it is important to take good care of your contact case so that you can avoid the risk of any infections. The best way to sterilize your contact case is to make sure that you follow the instructions on the case. However, if you forget to clean your contact case for a certain period of time, you can do the following to sterilize it so that it can be reused:

  • The best way to sterilize your contact lens case is firstly fill a container or sink with warm water and add a squirt of mild soap.
  • Next, submerge your case in the water and let it soak.
  • You can also use a clean, dry dish towel to rub the case.
  • When you are done, you can store your case in a clean, cool, dry drawer.
  • Once sterilized, your contact lens case will be ready to use.

How to sterilize contact lens cases with rubbing alcohol?

If you are like me and you have a case of contact lens cases, you might have been wondering how to get them clean. A case of contact lens cases can get pretty gross and it seems like they just keep multiplying. There are a lot of different ways to sterilize contact lens cases, but the most common way is to use rubbing alcohol. Since your contact lens case is made of plastic and not silicone, alcohol is a good choice.

Important: You should use at least 70% rubbing alcohol to sterilize your contact lens cases.

Before you start sterilizing your contact lens cases, you will want to make sure that the rubbing alcohol is at room temperature. If the alcohol is too cold, it might damage the contact lens. Use a small spray bottle to spray rubbing alcohol to your contact lens cases. Then you can also use a disinfecting wipe or a cotton ball in order to scrub your contact lens case. This will kill the bacteria and the fungus. This will also help with the prevention of eye infections.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Do not use your contact lens case to store any items that may be harmful to your contact lenses.
  • Keep your contact lens in its case when not in use.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the lens.
  • Do not use a hairdryer to dry the lens cases.
  • Always use a clean cloth or tissue to remove the lens care solution from the lens.
  • Never apply a lens care solution directly to the lens.
  • Never place your lenses in contact with water, other liquids, or saliva.

How long can you use a contact lens case?

When you decide to wear contact lenses, it is important to keep them in good condition. There are a few cases that you can use to keep your lenses from becoming dirty, but you should only use them for a few weeks. Doing this ensures that your lenses are clean, and allows you to avoid infections.

If you wear contact lenses with a daily disposable contact lens solution, it is recommended that you change your contact lens solution every day to maintain contact lens health.

However, if you need to wear lenses for longer than a few weeks, you can’t use a contact lens case. The contact lens case needs to be replaced every few weeks. If you don’t wear contact lenses recently, you should clean your contact lens case even if it doesn’t have any lenses in it. You can use soap and water to clean the case. You should then leave it out to dry.

How to store contact lens cases properly?

Contact lenses are small and delicate. Contact lens cases are made of a variety of materials, including plastic and silicone. What you should do is keep your case away from high temperatures, such as in your car or on a heating vent. Consider storing your contact lens case in a cool, dark place, such as a closet or a drawer. Keeping your case away from heat and humidity will help it to last longer. You should also avoid touching the case to your face. It is best to use a clean, wet cloth or a tissue to clean the case.

Wrapping Up!

Contact lens cases can be difficult to sterilize, but they don’t need to be. Follow these tips to make your life easier. Make sure you sterilize your contact lens cases to protect your eyes and your lenses.

If you do not clean your case properly, the lenses you store in the case may begin to break down and you might experience discomfort while wearing your lenses. There are many things you can do to maintain your case and keep it clean, such as washing it in warm water and soap or using a contact lens case cleaner.

We are committed to helping you learn how to clean your lens cases correctly. If you would like to know more about how to do this, feel free to check out our blog post.

People also ask – FAQs

How often should I sterilize my contact lens case?

Your contact lens case should be sterile every day. Daily sterilization of the case helps get rid of any potential bacteria, fungi, and other germs that could build up on its surface and cause eye infections. For ensuring adequate cleanliness and lens maintenance, the casing must be regularly cleaned and sterilized.

What should I do if I don’t have any disinfectant?

If you don’t have any disinfectants, you can clean your contact lens case using soap and water. Make sure to give it a good cleaning and good rinsing. You can also clean it with a fresh, dry cloth.

Can I share my contact lens case with someone else?

No, sharing your contact lens case with anyone else is not recommended. Sharing a contact lens case increases the risk of eye infections by allowing bacteria, fungus, and other germs to spread between people. To maintain adequate cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination, each person needs their own specific contact lens container.

How often should I replace my contact lens case?

Generally speaking, your contact lens case should be changed every three months or as directed by your eye doctor. Even with routine cleaning and sterilization, biofilm, germs, and deposits can build up over time on contact lens cases and become challenging to remove. Regular case replacement promotes good hygiene and lowers the chance of eye infections.

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