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Best Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

Are you tired of the effort you put into getting your makeup brush as clean as you intend? Well, with an electric makeup brush cleaner, things will be different. These brushes provide you with unrivaled convenience, ensuring that the cleaning process is seamless. Here, we look at choosing the right electric makeup brush and why it is a necessary choice.

These are our choices for the best electric makeup brush cleaners:

1. STYLPRO Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner (click here to view)
2. Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer Machine (click here to view)
3. DOTSOG Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner (click here to view)
4. Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner (click here to view)
5. Tao Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner (click here to view)
6. Hangsun Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner (click here to view)
7. Senbowe Upgraded Makeup Brush Cleaner (click here to view)

How To Choose The Best Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner ?

Various aspects go into selecting the right electric makeup brush cleaner. Unless you understand what to observe, you might end up not satisfied. Here are a few critical variables that you need to watch.

Ease of Use

Undoubtedly, you will want a makeup brush cleaner that is relatively easy to use. Ensure that your choice is easy to operate and its control knobs are accessible. Recharging it should be relatively straightforward too. Nothing assures you of more reliability than this convenience.

Its mounting options need to be multiple, allowing brushes of all sizes. Usually, numerous mounts ensure that you clean several makeup brushes at once. In short, the more mounting collars you get, the more convenient it will be for you.


The quality of your chosen electric makeup brush cleaner determines its durability. Unless you spend a decent time with your chosen brush cleaner, you will hardly enjoy its value for money. Ensure that this cleaner comes with robust construction, featuring premium material.

Such will also be the time to consider how environmental-friendly the materials used are. It would be best to opt for materials that expose the environment to minimal toxicity levels


Everyone has a budget to keep. The prices of makeup brush cleaners vary, mostly based on the quality and brand. Fortunately, there is a brush cleaner for each budget group. Take the time to compare how different brands charge and choose an affordable one. Regardless of what you select, ensure that it is top-quality.

While at it, ensure that you check its warranty. An extended period implies that you are likely to get more value for your money. This warranty determines how much you could spend on repairs and maintenance. With more extended periods, there is a chance that you will spend much lesser.

Confirm Speed

The maximum speed of your chosen electric makeup brush cleaner is essential. It determines not only how thorough and fast your brushes get cleaned but also convenience.

Mostly, bigger brushes tend to offer enhanced speeds. However, the goal is to get a brush cleaner that provides you with enough speed to clean your makeup brushes.

Capacity and Versatile

Some makeup brush cleaners can wash, sterilize, and dry your makeup brush. However, cleaners that offer enhanced versatility are high-end and a little pricier. Further, some makeup brush cleaners can clean multiple brushes at once. If this is your goal, go for something that provides you with a higher capacity.

Recommended Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Reviews

I am recommending these electric makeup brush cleaners because of its remarkable performance. The following are some of the top electric makeup brush cleaners in the market.

#1. STYLPRO Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Stylpro Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer
Editor's Rating:

This product is one of the best in the market, thanks to its excellent sterilization properties. It is fast and Eco-friendly. Here are a few insights into what it brings to the table.

Faster Cleaning

This makeup brush cleaner comes with a powerful motor, ensuring that the cleaning process takes a shorter time. This motor can rotate up to 360 degrees, removing any makeup on all sides of the brush.

Multiple Mounts

Its numerous mounts make it suitable for brushes of different sizes. These mounts are customized, making it easier to select the right size for your brush. Besides, its rubber collars help enhance longevity.


Its unique multi-size design allows you to clean up two brushes at the same time. It also comes with a 3-light LED display, assuring you of impressive aesthetics and the ability to know when to recharge it. Further, it is USB-rechargeable, requiring no battery


• Faster cleaning
• Easy to dry
• Futuristic and multi-size design
• Durable


• Its USB cable is short


You can power it with a battery.

Its sleeve is made from silica gel and not latex.

Yes. However, it could take some time.

#2. Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer Machine

Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer Machine
Editor's Rating:

This item is ideal for anyone looking for affordability. It is versatile and comes with Eco-friendly materials. Here are a few insights into what it offers.

Impressive Design

This item boasts a revolutionized, reengineered spinner, assuring you of enhanced efficiency. The design is more intuitive and appealing. You will appreciate its robust construction, providing you with unmatched durability.


This automatic makeup brush cleaner takes between 30 and 40 seconds to clean your brush. The process is seamless, saving you significant time. Regardless of the condition of your brush, the speed remains the same.


This brush cleaner will effortlessly kill any bacteria on the brush. It deeply washes and dries the brush, ensuring that there is no breeding ground for bacteria.


This cleaner can work with all brush sizes. Its multi-size design means you can clean any brush here.


• Eco-friendly materials
• Faster cleaning process
• Reasonably priced
• Intuitive design


• Its motor is weak


Its bowl is made from plastic.

Yes. Its customized design allows it to hold various types of brushes.

Yes. It uses 110-240V batteries.

#3. DOTSOG Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Dotsog Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Editor's Rating:

DOTSOG makeup brush cleaner is a reliable option in the market. Its ability to clean brushes fast and efficiently makes it astounding. It assures you of the following.


This item is made from various eco-friendly materials, including silicone. This material emits limited toxicity levels, assuring you of healthier skin.

Easy to Use

Undeniably, this product is one of the easiest to mount. As long as you attach it to a spinner, you are good to go. Its control knobs are easily accessible, making it fairly friendly.

Robust Motor and Construction

DOTSOG electric makeup brush cleaner has a sturdy motor that can take a 360-degree rotation. Its spinner ensures that the cleaning process is thorough and its drying process faster.

The build quality featured by this product is impressive. It is strong enough to assure you of unmatched longevity.

Unrivaled Design

Its multi-size design allows you to clean multiple brushes at a go. It comes with 14 rubber collars that can hold different brush sizes.


• Enhanced longevity
• Easy to mount and use
• Low noise produced
• Strong motor


• The spinner might not be so effective


While you could struggle a bit, it will clean this part.

Yes. This cleaner is customized to accommodate different brush sizes.

No. It is made from silica gel.

#4. Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

I have reviewed one of the best electric makeup brush cleaner that will leave your makeup brush free from harmful bacteria and microorganisms. If you are looking for the utmost satisfaction, this will be your ideal choice. Here is what you get from it.


Its minimalist design will readily strike you. It is simple yet elegant. This brush comes with a designer that allows you to clean multiple brushes at once. The cleaning process is also much more straightforward.

Reliable Spinner

Its spinner is so robust that the cleaning process is extensive. Its 360-degree rotation implies that you will clean your brush without too much hassle.

Charging Stand

This product boasts an incredible charging stand that allows the spinner to rest in the power adapter. Besides, it ensures that USB-charging does not give you any headache.

Robust Construction

This item is made from a reliable rubber material. Its top-notch construction implies that the device will be long-lasting and able to offer maximum value for your money.


• No skin breakout
• Able to protect brushes
• Faster cleaning process
• Free Luxe cleaning solution


• Not suitable for big brushes


Take the time to charge it first before use.

For a full-charge, two hours will be more than enough.

Not necessarily. You are free to use the same water.

#5. Tao Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner

TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleaning Pods
Editor's Rating:

From its enhanced compatibility to its affordability, this is a makeup brush cleaner you cannot overlook. It provides you with the following.


This product comes with a unique design that allows it to hold up to six brushes. Its sleek design is a product of sonic technology. This technology plays a critical role in eliminating grime, dirt, and oil from your brushes. Besides, you do not have to worry about any damage to the brushes.


This brush cleaner is compatible with different types of makeup brushes and different sizes too.

Power Settings

Its power settings set it apart from the rest. These settings allow you to choose between Power Rinse and Power Dry, depending on the brush’s condition. Remember, it comes with no fragrance or chlorine.


Its robustness is worth its price. It assures you of enhanced longevity.


• Friendly to the skin
• Accessible power control buttons
• Enhanced compatibility
• Can clean sponges


• It might not last for long enough


While it is not made to clean sponges, it does an excellent job.

This device uses a power adapter.

Its soap contains polyethylene glycol, alcohol, and sulfonic acid.

#6. Hangsun Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Hangsun Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine
Editor's Rating:

This smart makeup brush cleaner will readily appeal to you, thanks to its reliability. This item assures you of unmatched convenience, and it offers you the following.

Intuitive Design

This makeup brush cleaner is smart, meaning it helps prevent the accumulation of dead cells and makeup residue. This smart technology ensures that the process is swift and effective. The device is also portable and able to hold multiple brushes at a go. It also comes with LED lighting that notifies you of different aspects, including switching from one mode to another.

Multiple Speeds

This item boasts two speeds, allowing you to decide what suits your brushes. These speeds ensure that the cleaning process is effective.


Since Hangsun brush cleaner is made from non-toxic materials, this product is suitable for your environment. It also ensures that your skin remains safe.


• Assures you of flawless skin
• It comes with a premium design
• Fast and easy cleaning
• Affordable


• Made from plastic


No, this makeup brush cleaner uses relatively friendly technology, ensuring that no damage is sustained.

You could purchase the spindle separately too.

You can use any preferred shampoo.

#7. Senbowe Upgraded Makeup Brush Cleaner

Editor's Rating:

This makeup brush cleaner provides you with unrivaled efficiency and speed. Here are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

Impressive Design

Its modern and intuitive design makes it easier to handle. It is ergonomic and easy to handle. This way, it becomes easier to clean your brush on time.

Multiple Settings

This product comes with one ergonomic switch, which allows you to change several modes. With a single switch, operating this brush cleaner is relatively straightforward.


This brush cleaner is made from various environmentally friendly materials. Since these materials are non-toxic, you do not have to worry about skin conditions. The materials ensure that you clean your skin well.


• Easy to use
• Comes with customized rubber collars
• It is Eco-friendly
• It has an ergonomic design


• Might not clean the brushes as you wish


Yes, the brush will be at least 95% dry after using this brush cleaner.

While this kit is plastic, it assures you of longevity.

Alongside the splash guard ring, this product comes with its plastic bowl.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, an electric makeup brush is all you need. Its role in enhancing efficiency, healthy skin, convenience, and eco-friendliness is astounding. As long as you choose a reliable one, you have no reason to worry. Thankfully, the choices mentioned above assure you of value for money, durability, and reliability. Feel free to choose whichever suits you best.

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