How to sterilize nail clippers

How To Sterilize Nail Clippers? [Ultimate Guide]

Nail clippers are one of the household items which can harbor harmful bacteria and germs. Therefore, learning how to sterilize nail clippers is very crucial because dirt tends to accumulate on it hence it can easily be transferred. This requires you to sterilize regularly to ensure you are not susceptible to underlying infections. Well, sterilization is the best way to clean nail clippers because it ensures all germs are killed. So let’s get into it.

Sterilizing nail clippers requires effective methods so that you can achieve your goals. I will provide some fundamental steps that you need to follow. Here are ways on how to sterilize nail clippers.

Steps on How To Sterilize Nail Clippers

Step 1: Sterilize Using Heat

Heat is one of the most effective ways of sterilizing nail clippers. You need to prepare your sterilizer by setting it to the right temperatures that microorganisms won’t survive. Autoclaves sterilizers can work perfectly. Let the sterilizer warm up as you wipe your nail clippers to remove surface germs. Sterilize your clippers at a temperature of 170°C for approximately one hour. You will require cloves because heat is transmitted on Metallic objects.

Therefore, the temperature that the nail clippers are subjected to ensures there are no bacteria or any other microorganisms that can survive beyond such a limit. Once you are done you can give it some time to cool before your remove from the sterilizer.

Step 2: Use Disinfectants

You should purchase a hospital-grade disinfectant because they are very effective. Disinfectants are normally sold when they are concentrated so you will have to dilute it with distilled water. This is because some impurities from tap water might compromise with the overall performance of the disinfectant. When you are done you can now add the disinfectant on a clean bowl. Place the disinfectant close to the prim of the bowl so that when you place your nail clippers they will be submerged. This ensures the disinfectant acts on every part for more reliable results.

Disinfectants are usually made using compounds such as isopropanol, ethanol, and distilled water which kills up to 99%of germs. Therefore, after placing your nail clippers in the bowl you can leave it for 30 minutes before removing it. Ensure you wipe off the disinfectant after removal using a clean cloth.

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Step 3: Use Hot Water And Rubbing Alcohol

This is yet another effective method that requires you to start by boiling water and placing nail clippers for approximately 5 minutes. Afterward, use a toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt. Soak a paper towel in rubbing alcohol then wipe the clippers using the soaked towel. This ensures germs trapped in the nail clippers are killed effectively. After doing so use a clean towel and to dry the nail clippers.

Step 4: Use A Bleaching Agent

Bleaching agents are great when it comes to sterilization of nail clippers. Therefore, ensure you have a high-quality bleaching agent. Pour it into a glass bowl and immerse your nail clippers. Leave it for approximately 10 minutes. Remove it using a pair of tweezers and clean it using a clean cloth. Ensure it is dried effectively to ensure no bleaching agent remains on the nail clipper.

Step 5: Use Barbicide

This is a solution that is normally used to sterilize razors, hair clippers, and scissors. You will find that it is largely used in Barber and beauty shops. This solution helps in killing harmful bacteria and fungus that might be present in the nail clipper. Therefore you can immerse your nail clippers in Barbicide solution and dry it using a clean cloth after some time.

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Step 6: Use UV Sterilizers

UV sterilizers are very effective when it comes to sterilization. Some sterilizers use UV lights to disinfect items such as nail clippers. You only need to expose your nail clippers for 45 to the UV lights and all the harmful bacteria will be cleaned. You can get a UV sterilizer that will help you to achieve effective sterilization.

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Sometimes you might need to remove build-up dirt manually using a toothpick and a brush. Use the toothpick to loosen some stubborn dirt that normally accumulates around the edges. Afterward, use a bristle brush to scrub off the loose dirt until no dirt is trapped in the nail clippers. Once you are done you can use your sterilizer to ensure that the nail clipper is effectively sterilized before use. This is a simple and convenient method that you can use at home. I hope now you get how to sterilize nail clippers at home.

Final Verdict

You have now learned how to sterilize nail clippers using simple and effective methods. Ensure that you adhere to the right procedure for optimal performance. After sterilization, it is important to store your nail clippers carefully so that it doesn’t come into contact with contaminated surfaces. This might render the sterilization process useless. Additionally, nail clippers are personal items so they should not be shared. This is to ensure you stay safe and healthy.

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