How To Install Jebao UV Sterilizer in A Pond

How To Install Jebao UV Sterilizer in A Pond Step By Step Guide

Jebao’s pond UV sterilizers are designed to eliminate the ultra-fine particles that stain your water garden, fish pond, or water feature. These UV treatments for ponds are an excellent supplement to ponds. Which receive direct sunlight, that is inherently more favorable to faster aquatic plant growth. Jebao UV Sterilizer can run continuously during the water gardening season, save for maintenance. When cleaning the UV sterilizers, we recommend to unplug the device. You need to disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses, and drain any remaining water. In this article i will discuss about how to install Jebao UV Sterilizer in a pond properly.

How Jebao UV Sterilizer Works?

Jebao UV Sterilizer is used to destroy single-celled organisms in the water such as bacteria and viruses. It is used to control algae and fungi, and protozoa. The ultraviolent lamb emits the light which assists to alter the DNA or the RNA of the targeted organism. The sterilizer works better in filters water since the debris in the water can alter the transmission of the light.

The effectiveness of the UV sterilizer depends on three things. The first is getting the right size unit with the respectable brands. This is following the manufactures recommendation. Second, you must ensure that the plumbing of the UV sterilizer is done in a good manner and in a closed-loop manner which turns over the entire. Which allows the tank to have the correct number of loops in an hour. The UV sterilizer should be installed in such a manner that the water gets to it and the back to the tank directly. One should not feed the UV sterilizer from the sump since it will not get the correct tank turned over and most of the water must be bypassing the sterilizer.

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How To Install Jebao UV Sterilizer in A Pond?

The Jebao UV Sterilizer is a device that can be used in ponds to kill bacteria and other waterborne contaminants. This guide will help you install a Jebao UV sterilizer in your pond. Depending on the size of your pond, it may take 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 1:

The first step to the success of the installation is understanding that the flow rate and the contact time are everything with the UV sterilizer performance. One should ensure that the UV sterilizer in use will maintain the correct dose in the pond. The selection of the sterilizer that fits your need is very important.

Step 2:

When installing the UV Sterilizer, locate it in an area that will not be flooded. Although it is waterproof, it should never be immersed. We recommend putting it on a flat, dry surface, such as the lid of a canister pond filter. Additionally, always connect the UV unit to a GFI outlet or circuit to avoid electrocution.

Step 3:

Because the bulbs and their glass sleeves are extremely delicate, exercise caution and patience when assembling the device or replacing a bulb. While the connections must be tight, pushing the bulb may result in breakage which is a pain to clean and replace. Avoid touching the bulb with your bare hands. You need to wipe away any fingerprints with a clean towel when handling it. Because the bulbs are sensitive, even natural oils on your skin might cause them to overheat and decrease their life.

Step 4:

When plumbing it is also very important to consider the air that is trapped inside the UV sterilizer. The air should be allowed to escape from the top of the sterilizer. The sterilizer should also be installed in a manner that it can be removed for cleaning and change of the bulb. The other consideration for the installation show to know the flow through the unit right well if one has the apex of the flow meter.


Knowing the performance rate of UV sterilization allows the user to set the purification of the water in the pond in the right manner.

Proper installation of the UV sterilizer with the consideration of all the factors determines its effectiveness. It is also important to know the flow of water returned to the tank and multiply to know the gallons returned in one hour.

Replace UV bulbs every two seasons, or eleven months. Regardless of whether the light is still glowing. It’s beneficial to maintain track of the bulb’s purchasing date.

Consult the box and instructions for the recommended flow rate of water through the sterilizer in relation to the volume of your pond in gallons. Bear in mind that passing half the volume of your pond through the sterilizer per hour is generally regarded optimal.

How to maintain the Jebao UV Sterilizer?

Jebao UV Sterilizer is a good choice for new aquarium owners with their own resources and knowledge. The Jebao UV Sterilizer is an easy way to add a new dimension of artificial light to your aquarium. When you install the Jebao UV Sterilizer in your aquarium, you should know how to maintain it and make sure it is running correctly. Jebao UV Sterilizer is designed to simplify the task of maintaining an aquarium by providing you with the option to switch between two light modes, the standard UV light and the LED mode. With the Jebao UV Sterilizer, you are able to choose the light mode that fits your needs.

In order to maintain the Jebao UV Sterilizer, you need to use a specific type of filter. The filter will catch the water in the Jebao UV Sterilizer, and the waste will be removed. You need to change the filter at least once a month. When using Jebao UV Sterilizer to remove the algae and bacteria, you can maintain the useful life of your UV Sterilizer by turning it off for a certain period of time in order for it to clear away any waste.

When you maintain it, you are making sure that it is working properly and you are also making sure that it is not overworking itself. The most important part of maintaining the Jebao UV Sterilizer is keeping it clean. Jebao UV Sterilizer can also be cleaned thoroughly with water. In order to keep it clean, you need to use a water change. You will also need to clean it with a solution made of a mixture of a little bit of bleach and some other household products.

UV lights are also incredibly powerful and emit hazardous ultraviolet radiation. So avoid looking straight at the bulb when it is not shielded. Always keep an eye on the light by peering through the opaque window on the exterior housing.

Final Verdict

To keep the pond healthy, one needs to use the Jebao UV Sterilizer. It is designed to make use of UV light to eliminate the algae and the green water for maximum clarity in the pond. Jebao UV sterilizer is designed for external use. It is made with a state of art magnetic ballast that is for use in both fresh water and saltwater. The sterilizer is also designed with an extra chord that makes it flexible to use. It has a sealed transformer that makes it easy and safe to use. Additionally, it is easy to store when not in use. Since it is space-saving designed to protect UV sterilizers from frost damage throughout the winter months by draining and keeping them indoors.

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