How to sanitize a mattress

How To Sanitize A Mattress During This Pandemic?

As time progresses, the mattress tends to get dirty, and in addition to cleaning them, you can sanitize your mattress to keep them fresh. As humans, we spend approximately a third or more of our lives lying on our mattresses. However, most of the time, this is not an issue; the problem comes in when your mattress is filled with dust and other particles. This is very challenging, especially among asthmatic individuals. Therefore, in this article, we shall be discussing how to sanitize a mattress.

How To Sanitize A Mattress?

Sanitizing your matress helps in preventing other bacterial infections and flu. You should note that these essential are used in different methods;

What You Need To Sanitize A Mattress?

Sanitizing a matress requires you to have appropriate equipment and tools to ensure the process is effective. You will need the following:-.
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Steam cleaner
  • Dusk mask
  • Safety goggles or glasses
  • Antibacterial spray
  • Vodka
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Vinegar
  • Hydrogen peroxide

The Methods On How To Sanitize A Matress

There are different effective methods you can use to sanitize your mattress. Some of these methods are discussed below;

Method 1: Steam Cleaning

Dust Mites might not be visible to the naked eyes; however, they can be felt, and they tend to cause runny nose and itchy eyes. Therefore, for you to combat such nasty allergen along with other mattress enemies, it will be best to clean your mattress using heat. During this cleaning process, you will require someone who will help you move and lift the mattress.

You will first have to remove as much as you can the topical dust and dander with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Ensure you reach every corner of your mattress. You will then use a hand-held steamer or any rented commercial steamer and then run it through your mattress’s surface. Furthermore, you should ensure that it gets every surface or inch evenly when using short bursts of steam. It is best to avoid using constant bursts of steam since it will cause your mattress to soak.

Short bursts will allow your mattress to dry faster. Once you are done steam cleaning your mattress, let it dry completely before you sleep on it. To speed up the drying process, you might consider ventilating the room and turning on your fan to speed.

Method 2: Use Vodka

This might come as a surprise to many; vodka is considered as one of the best disinfectants for both the skin and mattress. You might consider using your common vodka in sanitizing your mattress. When it comes to sanitizing your mattress, you don’t have to spend on some of the most expensive disinfectants since vodkas work incredibly well.

When sanitizing your mattress using vodka, ensure that every surface of your mattress has been wholly vacuumed and get rid of all loose dirt particles. Once this is done, pour your vodka in a spray bottle and then use it to lightly spray on the surface of your mattress. You should, however, avoid soaking your mattress with vodka. When you are done spraying your mattress with vodka, let it dry completely before you use it again.

Method 3: Use Antibacterial Spray

As their name suggests, antibacterial does what they imply. These sprays have been designed to aid in removing and preventing any harmful bacterial from colonizing your mattress. When choosing the best solution or spray, ensure that it does not feature any bleaching effect since it might have a significant impact on your mattress cover and fiber as well. On the other hand, when using a liquid cleaner, you should consider following the mixing instruction along with the right amount of water as per the prescription. Once that is done, you will place your liquid solution in a spraying bottle.

Ensure that you vacuum your bed surface thoroughly and get rid of as much dust particles and pollen as possible. Once that is done, you will lightly spray the antibacterial or disinfectant solution across the surface of your mattress. When spraying, ensure that you reach the bottom, top as well as the sides of your mattress.

You will then dip in a clean rag in warm water and then ring it out as much as possible to wipe across your mattress’s surface once you have sprayed it thoroughly. Give your mattress ample time to dry before you set it up for use.

Method 4: Use Ultra-Violet Light

Ultra-violet light is considered to be one of the most effective extra deep sanitizing techniques out there. This method is said to be ideal for individuals who have intense hypersensitivity. However, this technique is carried out by experts in mattress cleaning. Businesses that carry out ultra-violet light cleaning techniques are equipped with special commercial grade machines. In addition to that, they have equipment designed to attack specific allergens making it one of the most effective techniques in getting rid of harmful microorganisms.

The ultra-violet light breaks down the DNA of a germ, preventing it from reproducing and eventually dies. When you have your mattress thoroughly sanitized, you should consider keeping it as clean as you can. It is advisable to lift the mattress off the floor or on a frame or platform with a foundation to help in preventing the germ, dirt, and molds from accumulating under your mattress surface. You as well consider remaking your mattress with sheets as well as bedding weekly with hot water.

Method 5: Use Vinegar

When you leave your mattress unchecked, the infestation will ruin your mattress; however, when you notice it earlier, you will be able to get rid of it before the situation worsens. Vinegar is highly effective when it comes to sainting your mattress. When looking for one of the most effective homemade sanitizers on how to sanitize a mattress, then vinegar should be your top priority.

Take a bottle and fill it with vinegar along with essential oil. Spray it across the surface of your mattress; you should, however, avoid soaking your mattress. Once done, you can let your mattress dry in the sun. If the infestation hasn’t cleared yet, you might consider repeating the entire process once again until it clears. You will require two cups of vinegar and 15 drops of essential oil when using this technique.

Method 6: Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective antibacterial that acts as an excellent sanitizer for your mattress. Take your peroxide and then mix it with water, soap, and baking soda. When dealing with urine, vomit, and blood strains, you might consider adding stain remover in the mixture. You will then spray it across the surface of your mattress; avoid soaking your mattress.

You will then use a blunt utensil in scrapping off the residue on your mattress. Once that is done, you will dip a cloth in hydrogen peroxide and then wipe on the strains that have remained on your mattress until it comes off. You will then allow it to dry completely before using it once again.

Tips To Keep Your Mattress Clean Longer

After learning how to sanitize a mattress you are expected to know some tips on how you can keep your mattress clean for long.

  • Have Your Mattress Dry
    One of the most effective methods to have your mattress clean for longer is having it dry. When kept dry, your mattress will not get stained easily, making it cleaner for an extended period.

  • Use Bed Covers
    Always have your mattress covered using a bedcover. This will help prevent any dirt from reaching your mattress. Furthermore, ensure that you change the bedcovers frequently.

Final Verdict

Having a clean mattress is essential, particularly among individuals with allergies. When it comes to cleaning your mattress, you don’t have to invest much; instead, you might consider using homemade recipes. Sanitizing your mattress is relatively easy, and it helps in improving your hygiene and prevents any harmful bacteria from colonizing your mattress. As we conclude, we hope that you have learned something when it comes to how to sanitize a mattress.

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