why is coronavirus such a big deal?

Why Is Coronavirus Such A Big Deal For Us?

The coronavirus pandemic has been here with us for well over a year now. It has affected just about any part of the inhabited world. Wherever it has been, it has left a trail of death, despair, sorrow, broken families, shattered livelihoods, and desperation. The worst part is there is still no end in sight.

But why is coronavirus such a big deal? How come we have other diseases that are deadlier and more widespread than it but which do not command the same level of fear? Well, we have carried out extensive research into the issue and are glad to deliver feedback to that effect here.


We have written a book on “Coronaviruses: The deadly COVID-19 | A scientific approach for social awareness to prevent COVID-19 infection” which you can read. Below are some of the core reasons why the novel coronavirus is such a big deal:

Highly Contagious

This disease is very contagious for two reasons. For one, it is impossible for an infected person to pass on the infection to very many people per unit time. Thus, an infected person is naturally capable of spreading it farther and wider than would a normal air-borne disease of its kind.

Secondly, the disease may be spread through many media or means. These include but are not limited to discharge from the nose, droplets of saliva, sneezes, coughs, the air breathed by two people, and many other bodily fluids we have. Other air-bone diseases tend to be limited in scope.

Potentially Risky

Unlike other diseases of its kind, this virus is potentially risky. A number of factors are jointly responsible for this high risk. They include the advanced ages, existence or underlying or chronic conditions, and sex. This means the impacts are more severe compared to those of other respiratory illnesses.

Since the persons aforementioned form the bulk of the population, the virus is likely to inflict more enduring impacts and side effects here. That is partly to explain why despite having been around for only a year, the disease has left more deaths and despair compared to those that have existed longer.

Stickier Than Other SARS Sicknesses

Of all the contagious diseases we have, the SARS variety is the stickiest. Out of these, the coronavirus leads the pack. In fact, this disease is invariably called the SARS-CoV-2 as it attaches to the same receptors as SARS-CoV-1 but is nonetheless stickier. This makes it harder to get out by use of conventional medicine.

Thanks to this stickier nature, the sickness tends to gain entry into the cells faster while also grasping the human body cells firmer. Through this arrangement, it spreads out faster throughout the body and affects many more internal organs. That is yet again why it tends to spread faster among a population.

Lack of Natural Immunity

Most common sicknesses do not develop extensively in the body or pose more severe damages. Reason? The body itself is naturally immune to the pathogens that cause the sicknesses to arise in the first place. Unfortunately, the coronavirus does not have any natural defense or immunity against it.

The lack of natural immunity leaves the patients more vulnerable to the extremes of the illnesses. They simply have no built-in mechanism to slow down the spread of the virus or the seriousness of its side effects. The situation worsens among the naturally disease-vulnerable populations who bear its full brunt.

Deadlier Than Other Kinds of Flu

Other than being stickier, this virus is deadlier than many other kinds of common flu. Many studies have deduced that the COVID-19 is around 10 times deadlier than the common seasonal flu. Additionally, its impacts are more widespread and severer than those of the common flu.

These two combine to leave behind a trail of despair and destruction each time a victim is affected by the disease. What makes the situation worse is that even if the victim recovers, the side effects endure longer than they would under a normal circumstance. That is not to mention the serious financial toll that comes along when mitigating the sickness.

Has A Wider Range of Symptoms

We have already hinted out repeatedly that the sickness affects many parts and organs of the body. For this reason, it naturally brings about a wider range of symptoms than other sicknesses that be at the moment. Some of these symptoms are shortness of breath, cough, fever, and breathing issues.

It is common knowledge that mitigating these symptoms is no walk in the park. An infected person may need more resources, a greater degree of expertise, and higher resource input to handle and tackle them. The same applies to the amount of effort that the affected parties have to expend to mitigate it.

Excess Panic and Anxiety

In areas that are badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, there is excess panic and anxiety. People keep wondering whether they are next in line for the disease or not. Then there are excessive levels of stigma that are associated with those who have the disease or are suffering its symptoms. To reduce stress we have written a book on “Mindfulness Meditation: Practice of An Ancient Mystical Form: Practice Meditation and Find a Better Life” which you can get from Amazon.

Overwhelmed Healthcare Systems

Not many healthcare facilities were equipped or at least prepared to handle the pandemic. The outbreak of this pandemic has indeed witnessed many healthcare facilities strained to their maximum capacities. This has not been kind to many people who are in dire need of healthcare services at this time.

Inflicts Heavy Economic Toll

In closing, the sickness does inflict a heavy economic toll not just on the affected individual but also on the community concerned. Indeed, we have seen many countries and communities enter lockdowns in a bid to stem the spread of the virus altogether. This has caused untold economic consequences.

Among these is the loss of livelihoods, jobs, a slump in economic activities, reduced profitability of the firms concerned, and the rise in crime levels. Closely related to this has been the surge in domestic violence, breakdowns of families, and the irreversible breach of the trust of the members of the family unit. Even HIV/AIDS at its peak did not come closer to this level.


To prevent COVID-19, you may have to try these out:

Advice For Public By WHO


You have to sanitize your hands and fingers using alcohol-based cleansers. This is to kill off all germs and make it impossible for the virus to transmit from one infected person to another one. Remener to sanitize the table which will be used for preparing food. If you have skin problem then you can use Aloe Vera contained hand sanitizers.

Maintain Social Distance

Maintaining social distance simply means keeping some safe gap or distance between you and the person next to you. This is important yet again as it prevents the virus from transmitting itself from one infected person to another.

Put on Face Masks

Putting on face masks makes it impossible for you to scatter the viruses by way of sneezing, whizzing, or coughing. It hence safeguards those around the infected persons from the risks of infections.

Final Verdict

Please note that the dangers we have highlighted and explained above are not all that the disease potentially brings along. As explained earlier, this sickness is barely starting out. Because of this, not much is known about it. Chances are pretty high that it may pose even graver dangers ahead.

We hence ask you to exercise great caution as you go about your business. Make every effort to wash your hands, sanitize your premises and maintain social distance between you and those who are around you. As a way of being a responsible citizen pass this information to those who might need it as well. You can answer now why is coronavirus such a big deal?

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